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4-star hotel with pool Sorrento

The 4-star Tirrenia Hotel pampers its guests with a pool in Sorrento.
In fact, a communal hot tub is available on the hotel's top-floor terrace.
You can freely access the pool and relax in a pleasant and relaxing location.
The hot tub is perfect for both adults and teens and is open during the hottest times of the year.
It is the perfect solution to escape the heat or simply to distract yourself from everyday life and discharge accumulated toxins.

Four-star hotel with whirlpool pool in Sorrento

The whirlpool pool is perfect for relaxing after a day spent out and about, discovering the local and regional sights.
It is the ideal space to spend moments together. It allows you to benefit from the plusses of the whirlpool while also giving you the opportunity to meet other people.
One of the strengths of the hotel pool is its location. The hot tub is on the hotel's terrace and offers a panoramic view of the Bay of Naples.

Four-star hotel with sea-view pool in Sorrento

The hot tub allows guests to take a pleasant bath but also to enjoy the benefits of this technology.
The whirlpool, in fact, improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces pain and accelerates healing, lowers blood sugar and blood pressure, decreases tension headaches and migraines, and helps make the skin healthier. The environment is then complemented by a large solarium with outdoor furniture, loungers, sunbeds. A perfect space to treat your tan or read a book.

Spend a relaxing vacation at a hotel overlooking the Gulf of Naples.
Book at the Tirrenia, 4-star hotel with pool in Sorrento.