Dear friends,
in these days our beautiful country has been made the target of an international defamatory campaign that is spreading unjustified alarm. The approximately 1600 cases of contagion recorded so far were mostly in the regions of Northern Italy (Milan-Venice). But even there the situation is absolutely under control. Our health system is free and it has proven to be over the years among the best and most efficient in the world. The common flu causes many more deaths every year. For example, the common flu killed 14,000 in the US last year and 460 in Italy, but that is considered sadly normal and no one canceled their holidays in the US or in Italy for that reason, right? This demonstrates how absurd and unjustified the alarm of these days really is.
The truth is that panic and ignorance promoted by media can be the worst and most dangerous virus! We continue - and hope you will do the same - to enjoy our beautiful Sorrento, a land full of history, culture, art, beauty, a land kissed by the sunshine, the land of good food and good wine, the land of a happy cheerful people.

The 3 star hotel is ideally located in the center of Sorrento, a short distance from the famous Piazza Tasso with its historic center. The bathing establishments and the romantic village of Marina Grande are within walking distance.